Specialist Lending


Short-term, flexible secured funding.

Bridging finance provides an option for borrowers seeking a short-term mortgage, usually a loan that can be repaid within 18 months or less.  All finance is secured against property.

The majority of bridging finance is utilised to “bridge the gap” during a property transaction before an existing house sale or mortgage is arranged. Other uses for bridging finance include property refurbishment or small scale development and buy to let.

This type of ‘short term’ borrowing can be more expensive than longer term finance, such as a mortgage but there are many benefits, such as speed to funding and loan flexibility. If secured against your main residence the borrowing is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At Easyswitch we offer a wide range of bridging solutions from a variety of specialist bridging lenders.  To discover if bridging could suit your requirements, speak with your Easyswitch broker.


A secured loan alternative to remortgaging or a further advance.

Second charge mortgages, previously known as ‘secured loans’ provide an option for homeowners who are seeking a loan that is secured against their property.  This type of borrowing is typically considered as an alternative to a remortgage or a further advance.  The loan sits as a “second charge” against the homeowner’s property, after their “first charge” mortgage.

Second charge mortgages prove useful if the borrower is tied into their current mortgage with high early repayment charges.  Or if their current mortgage has a low fixed rate and remortgaging would mean higher overall cost of the loan.

At Easyswitch we offer a variety of second charge mortgages, catering for self-employed, borrowers with adverse credit, those who have recently retired, landlords and people with multiple sources of income.  To discover if a second charge mortgage could suit your requirements, speak with your Easyswitch broker.

Please note that for Second Charges and Bridging Finance, we will refer you to a 3rd party partner who specialise in this area.