We’ve all had an ah-ha moment when you realise something for the first time. We had one of those collectively early on in our business. That was when we had to face a raw truth about the mortgage industry. The process is often made more complicated than necessary to create customer dependency. All true, unless you choose to be different.

Our motto “Everybody deserves an easy switch,” means that we take on the heavy lifting. We find and match the lender to our clients to minimise their work and ease their decision-making.  We make it look easy.


  • We make ourselves easy to deal with. We communicate with you based on your preference and source (face to face, telephone, email etc).
  • We talk with you as people, not prospects. In other words, we treat you as we would want to be treated.
  • We are available when you need us to be.

Altogether, we work hard so you don’t have to.

in a language that you can understand and process.

Thirdly, by being available at the times you want us to be.

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