Peace of mind


You may have ventured into the mortgaging scene before coming to EasySwitch. If so, you will notice a distinct difference in the way we do business from other brokers.

For instance, a common practice is to charge clients for each application submitted to a lender. Submit four applications for that mortgage? Then that will be four separate fees. That may come as a surprise if you aren’t expecting it. Those type of surprises causes buyers to become leery of the mortgage process. “I just want to know how much it is going to cost” is the reasonable request of most buyers.

And that fee is only required when a mortgage offer is issued. Our client will pay £199 for each mortgage they seek to secure.  Peace of mind, and a mortgage offer, for £199.

When we take on a mortgage process for a client, we are confident we will satisfy their need. We also must be practical. Not all mortgage requests are equal. Due to a variety of challenging conditions, some mortgages are deeply complex. That includes mortgages of less than £100,000.

Those type mortgages require special handling. To nurture a mortgage application of that nature an offer may require significantly higher demands on your broker. To cover our costs, we may charge up to £499 instead of the standard £199.