Our story so far


We typically associate careers in finance and banking to those big stories in the news. Our founding team of directors are not of the news garnering breed. Although on established courses in our banking careers, we observed a need in the market. What we were hearing had a ring of “we can’t find a broker that will care for us all the way through.” Given our knowledge and experience with various financial institutions, we could offer a premier banking experience to our clients.

We wanted to make the mortgage process easy for clients. If we could cut through the red tape and mystery, improve communication, offer a sense of ownership, and find solutions for every condition then we could assure our clients a smooth process. Or in our words, an easy switch.

So we stepped away from our comfort-zones to start our own company in 2007. We brought premier banking to mortgage lending with all its high-value customer service. Our model would soon be tested by the impact of the recession in 2008.

We built our company on the foundation of helping others during a time of financial uncertainty and global economic strain. Some may say that starting a mortgage business at that time was “bad timing,” but in reality it was perfect. Our clients needed us then, more than ever. We got through the recession together.

We stood by our core values. They became the fabric of who we are. Those values saw us through the trying times of recession while creating financial stability for hundreds of clients. Our values were, and remain important to us. They are simple but powerful:

Offer a tailored service
Find solutions
Take ownership

Our model is straightforward. You deal with your dedicated mortgage broker from initial enquiry to completion. That means that your broker is your first and only point of call. Because the care is so specific and focused, the outcome is a large number of satisfied clients. They in-turn refer us to their friends, work colleagues and family.

And our legacy of satisfied clients continues.